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Significant innovation capability is being built

Murat MirataAt the outset, tangible outcomes–like the GJ reused, tonnes of CO2 avoided, or millions of SEK worth of new business created–are the most visible indicators of progress in Delad Energi. However, I observe another equally, or perhaps even more, important impact: significant innovation capability is being built. Actors across sectoral borders are having open and frequent interactions and discussions. Proven solutions are being passed from their conventional origins to new application areas. Complementary expertise and experiences are culminating in new proposals that no one actor can generate alone. Not only actors are getting increasingly more interested in collaborative action, but they are becoming more and more effective in identifying new development opportunities. This build-up of innovative capabilities, may in fact be the most important impact of Delad Energi – just not the most visible one.

Murat Mirata, Assistant Professor, Linköping University.